Bridge Kids

We want to partner with you to disciple your kids.

Who we are

We partner with families to raise the next generation for Christ. We engage families and kids ages infant through 4th grade with the Gospel in a safe, fun, and age-appropriate way!

What to expect

Each Sunday, we explore the truths of God’s word through a chronological, 3-year long study of the Bible. The means every 3 years our kids learn through the entire Bible. We engage the Bible through crafts, activities, videos, scripture memorization, prayer, and singing.  

Also, because we value partnering with parents, each week we send a parent email with our Bible story video and worship songs for that week, along with questions to continue the conversation at home.  

First time visit

Each week, our team has the honor and responsibility of caring for your family. We take the safety, security, and well-being of your children very seriously. Every volunteer in our kids space has been background checked and vetted through an application, reference, and training process.


Upon walking into the church building you will kind the Bridge Kids area at the glass doors immediately to your right. A Bridge Kids team member will help you fill out our family information form.


Next, our team member will give each of your children name tags, and you will be given a specific parent/guardian security tag for a secure pickup.


Your child will be escorted to their classroom. (You are welcome to walk back and meet their teachers, just let us know!)


Hang onto your security tag. After the worship gathering you will return the tag to the Bridge Kids team member for our secure pickup process.

Pre-Register Your Kids!

To make your check-in experience faster at Kids’ Check-in, you can fill out our First Time Family form. 

If you have previously registered (online or in-person), there is no need to enter your information again. Simply check-in when you arrive using one of the kiosks in the lobby. Someone will be there to help if you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your policy on masks in Bridge Kids?

At this time, masks are optional in Bridge Kids but we will continue to be "mask friendly". We are aware that families have different comfort levels related to mask-wearing and we want every family and every child to feel safe and comfortable during their time with us. We invite each family to choose the masking option that best fits their family's needs.

What is the volunteer process before serving with kids? 

Our serve teams complete a thorough application process including background checks, referencing and training. The safety of our kids is important, so we take special care to place the right people in classrooms to care for our kids.

What is your discipline policy?

Our team uses positive techniques of guidance, including redirection, positive reinforcement, and encouragement rather than excessive competition, comparison, and criticism. If discipline is needed, and a warning to the child of further consequences has been issued, Bridge Kids uses the “time out” technique. When necessary, we may contact the parent to assist with discipline.

What if my child needs me while I am attending the worship gathering?

We ensure that parent phone numbers are on each child’s name tag. We will text this number if your child needs assistance that we are unable to provide. If unable to contact parents through text, we would flash the unique tag code (found on the parent sticker) up on the screen display.

Will you provide a snack on Sunday morning?

Yes! We offer goldfish or veggie straws to most children. For children with gluten allergies or sensitivities, we have gluten-free pretzels also. Babies are offered puffs. If needed, parents can bring a snack for their children if they have a need for a special snack.

My child needs special assistance. How do I communicate their need for help?

We would love to help your child have the best experience possible. Please fill out the following assessment, so we can know how to best serve you.

My child is interested in getting baptized. What is their next step?

How exciting! Baptism is the biblical way to publicly express you believe Jesus has done everything necessary for your salvation. We celebrate the public profession of faith through baptism because it exalts Jesus and the power of the Gospel to save.

When to Baptize Your Child
Is your child ready to take the step of baptism?

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Family Ministries Summer Camps

Our staff and leaders are ready and hoping to see the next generation deepen their relationship with Jesus and one another. Check out the information below to learn more about our summer camps and to register your kids and students.

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