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Family Ministries Summer Camp Sponsorship

Stay-away camp is one of the best ways for a student or child to disconnect from the world and be pressed to face their beliefs with trusted adults. In fact, many adults can trace their own salvation story back to an encounter they had with God as a kid at summer camp. Attending a stay-away camp can change the trajectory of a kid's life. However, due to financial restrictions, this is an opportunity not every family can afford. We want every kid to go to camp that wants to go to camp. To fulfill this promise, we need your help! You can partner with a family and send a kid to go to camp by giving to our scholarship fund using the link below. The cost to fully sponsor one camper to FUGE camp is $410 and $370 for CentriKid. Full and partial scholarships will help! There are two opportunities for the youth of The Bridge Church to attend camp this summer: CentriKid (grades 2-5) and FUGE Camp (grades 6-12).

Sponsorship FAQs

Q. Does my scholarship directly support a specific student?

A. All donations go to one camp scholarship fund that will be divided between both CentriKid and FUGE based on need.

Q. What happens if donations exceed the scholarship need?

A. If we end up raising more support than what is needed, all extra donations will carry over to scholarship kids next summer. Our Kids and Student ministries are growing rapidly and we hope to see more and more kids join us at camp each year.  

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