Senior Director of Operations

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The Senior Director of Operations exists to direct the operations of the church in such a way that catalyzes the church to accomplish its mission. This role is critical to the organizational health of the church as it oversees finances, legal, human resources, and all facility management. This role also serves on the Senior Leadership Team and is expected to contribute to the leadership team regarding strategy, specifically with projections and anticipation of resources needed to catalyze ministry needs and growth. As well, this role will be the primary lead for special projects such as property development and acquisition and capital stewardship campaigns. With the leadership nature of this role, it’s necessary to have strengths in other responsibilities such as spiritual leadership, management skills, and ability to help develop our staff team. This role will report to the Pastor of Teaching and Vision. 

Full-Time: 40 hours/week

Job Requirements

  1. Financial Management
    Manages the church’s financial structures and systems.
  • Develops and manages the financial processes necessary to collect and receive giving (online, mail, corporate worship, etc.)
  • Develops and manages the processes necessary for depositing and reporting financial contributions.
  • Manages the expenses of the church and processes necessary for recording and reporting expenses.
  • Responsible for fiscal budget preparation each year.
  • Responsible for all communication and correspondence between the church and donors—first time giver package, quarterly giving statements, annual giving statements, etc.
  • Responsible for operating in confidentiality related to financial matters of the church.
  • Responsible for financial reporting to the Senior Leadership Team and the Elders.
  1. Human Resources
    Develops and manages the human resources processes of the church staff.
  • Responsible for managing all employee documents and policies including the Staff Handbook.
  • Responsible for the recruiting process of prospective employees.
  • Responsible for the on-boarding processes for new employees.
  • Responsible for the exit processes of terminated employees.
  • Responsible for overseeing and implementing staff evaluation processes for all employees and all necessary documentation.
  • Responsible for implementing all compensation and benefits-related changes for all employees.
  • Responsible for managing all payroll processes.
  • Responsible for operating in confidentiality related to employee matters of the church.
  1. Facility Management
    Manages the church facility.
  • Responsible for managing the facility lease and communication between the church and landlord.
  • Responsible for managing the contract with the cleaning company and providing scheduling and oversight.
  • Responsible to manage all property-related needs (upkeep, renovations, repairs)
  • Responsible for sending the supply order list to the Office Administrator as they arise.
  • Manages use and record of keys.
  • Oversees and executes all requests for use of the church facility.
  1. Technology
    Manages all technology systems for the church.
  • Responsible for efficient and fast internet/wifi solutions for the church facility.
  • Responsible for managing church databases, applications and computer programs for the church, including Planning Center.
  • Responsible for managing the online giving system of the church.
  • Responsible for managing the church security system.
  • Responsible for ensuring all technology and applications are up to date and most efficient.
  1. Records
    Manages all record keeping processes for the church.
  • Management and organization of the Google Drive shared folder of the church.
  • Hard copy records and file cabinets.
  • Soft copy records (backups, etc.)
  1. Facility Emergencies
    Implements emergency and crisis plans for the church facility.
  • During emergency situations, responsible for implementing the facility needs related to the Emergency Response Plan.
  • Provides leadership in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster.
  • Responsible for providing 24/7 help and assistance for facility emergencies that arise (flooding, rook leaks, power outages, mechanical breakdown, vandalism, etc.)
  1. Senior Leadership Team
    Serves on the senior leadership team and fulfills the responsibilities of a senior leadership
    team member.

Senior Leadership Team General Responsibilities:

  • Spiritual Leadership—provides healthy, spiritually mature leadership to the church and staff.
  • Organizational Health—provides wisdom and direction for the organizational health of the church.
  • Day to Day—serves in the day-to-day organizational decision-making for the church.
  • Staff Development—provides leadership and training for the personal development and professional development of staff.

Specific Contributions to the Senior Leadership Team needed:

  • New building planning and other project management.
  • Maintaining the best organizational structure.
  • Human resources meetings for issues that arise.
  • Speaking into the financial impacts of ministry decision making and anticipating growth and needs.

Closing Date

October 17, 2022

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