Communications Director

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The Communications Director is a key role for the mission of The Bridge Church. This role oversees all our internal and external communications for the church including email distribution, website, social media, video platforms, audio platforms, design needs, and print materials. This role is also crucial since it manages the entire calendar of the church and oversees the planning and implementation of all church-wide initiatives, campaigns and events. This role functions in the central operations lane of the church because it serves and supports every ministry. We believe this role is incredibly exhilarating since its impact touches the entire church, but we also recognize this role is highly demanding and requires someone who has great management and execution skills.

Part-Time: 20 hours per week

Communications Director – Job Requirements


  1. Demonstrates spiritual maturity that is consistent with the biblical requirements for church leadership.
  2. A member of The Bridge Church or willing to become a member.
  3. Bachelor degree in a related field that includes business, organizational or project management training.
  4. A minimum of three years experience in a vocational setting performing organizational, project management, or administrative functions.
  5. Highly proficient in project management.
  6. Highly proficient in multitasking, administrative functions and systems.
  7. Highly proficient in event planning and team coordination.
  8. Proficient in technological skills necessary to operate software platforms for communication and project management.


  1. Vocational experience in a communications role. 
  2. Vocational experience managing creatives (artists, designers, videographers, web developers, etc.)
  3. Director-level or department-level vocational experience in a church or non-profit setting.
Closing Date

October 17, 2022

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2. Resume
3. References - Please list 3 (personal, professional, pastoral)