Bridge Students Director

For Christ. For Community. For the City

The Bridge Students Director exists to direct and lead the Bridge Students ministry in such away that catalyzes the church to accomplish its mission.

Part-Time: 20 hours/week

Job Requirements


  1. Demonstrates spiritual maturity that is consistent with the biblical requirements for church leadership.
  2. Successful experience working with middle and high school students.
  3. Administrative proficiency.
  4. Readiness to adapt and learn new methods and systems of administration, leadership, communication and ministry philosophy.
  5. Able to clearly and effectively communicate with students, parents, serve teams and fellow staff members.


  1. A successful history of building a healthy and growing students ministry.
  2. Earned degrees that have equipped them for the duties of this role.

Job Responsibilities

  1. 6 P’s of Bridge Students
    Work with the Senior Director to continue to develop, execute, and teach the 6 P’s of the Bridge Students ministry.
    • Purpose
    • Personality
    • Product
    • Process
    • People
    • Priority

    The 6 P’s” is a tool we use for all of our ministries to help leaders define, clarify and communicate the bullseye for the ministry, initiative, event, or whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. The tool can be used for almost anything and is designed to push leaders to think intentionally and seriously about the bullseye—exactly what they are trying to accomplish and how they are going to accomplish it.
  2. Student Gathering(s) Leadership
    Provide regular leadership for all Bridge Students gatherings, small groups and events.
    • Build and lead intentional ministry strategies and environments to help students meet, know, and follow Jesus.
    • Be available to partner with parents in raising their kids for Christ.
    • Provide leadership at gatherings and events through teaching, exhorting, and overseeing.
    • Provide direction and wisdom in identifying needs for pastoral care within Bridge Students.
  3. Bridge Students Operations
    Organize and execute the weekly operations necessary for Bridge Students ministry to thrive.
    • Recruit, train, develop and appreciate a serve team.
    • Set the calendar for activities and events.
    • Send weekly communication to the Bridge Students team.
    • Oversee Bridge Students ministry budget.
    • Work with other staff to integrate youth into the life of the church.
    • Oversee all media and communication needs for Bridge Students.
  4. Bridge Students Serve Team
    Develop and lead the Bridge Students Serve Teams.
    • Organizing and Developing Roles (Content Planning, Leadership Pipeline, EventPlanning, Social Media, etc.)
    • Scheduling
    • Onboarding of new members
    • Spiritual Development
    • Competency Development
    • Maintaining Unity

Staff Expectations

  1. 5 C’s of a Staff Member
    Fulfill the expectations of a staff member at The Bridge Church written in the Staff 5 C’s. Character, Competency, Capacity, Chemistry, Champion
  2. Staff Handbook
    Fulfill all requirements and expectations written in the Staff Handbook of The Bridge Church. This will be discussed upon hire.
  3. Weekly Office Hours and Work Schedule
    • This is a part-time position. The weekly schedule for this position will be determined in the hiring process.
    • Weekly meeting with the Senior Director, Hilary Smith.
    • As needed for church events requiring staff attendance.

Employee Details

Job Title: Bridge Students Director

Employee Type: Part-time, Director, Exempt

Weekly Hours: 20

Annual Salary: (to be discussed during interview process)

Supervisor: Hilary Smith

Closing Date

June 30, 2020

To apply for a staff role at The Bridge please submit the following to
1. Letter of interest - Please clarify the role you are applying for in the subject.
2. Resume
3. References - Please list 3 (personal, professional, pastoral)